Thanks for the answers!
I thought about this option because since we introduced a modification to browse our local holdings, the import process got really slow.

That brought me to another idea: Does it make sense to comment out not used fields in and in schema.xml in order to accelerate the import?
For example, we don't use dewey nor oclc numbers etc. I can see in the admin panel which fields are populated and which aren't - or am I forgetting something?


Am 27.03.2013 10:39, schrieb Till Kinstler:
Am 27.03.2013 10:21, schrieb Christian Dabrowski:

is there a possibility to prevent indexing of certain words like
articles and preposiotions?
Yes, you can add so called "stop words" (words not to be indexed) to the
file solr/biblio/conf/stopwords.txt (VuFind 1.X). All strings listed in
that file are ignored at indexing and search time (in most of VuFind's
index fields).
There are pros and cons of using stop words. Usually skipping words is
considered to be a "performance search" for search, and in a search
engine based on term statistics (as Solr) it can make sense
(mathematically), to simply exclude most frequent, but least significant
words. On the other hand: Try finding "to be or not to be" in a search
engine that filters stop words...

I saw in the SolR admin panel that our
"series" field hasquiet a lot of themand I suppose they're not really
usefull for the search.
But do these terms hurt somehow? If so, how? If not, let users decide
themselves what are useful search terms for them (by not filtering stop


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