Hi Demian,


We merged in the changes and experienced some problems. We appear to be affected by this bug: https://github.com/zendframework/zf2/pull/3714, but their fix appears to already be in place in our local files. We are using PHP 5.3.3 and get the following error:


PHP Fatal error:  Declaration of Zend\\Stdlib\\ArrayObject::offsetGet() must be compatible with that of ArrayAccess::offsetGet() in /usr/local/vufind/vendor/zendframework/zendframework/library/Zend/Stdlib/ArrayObject.php on line 25


My unfamiliarity with Zend is biting me right now. Is there something we would need to wipe or refresh?



Benjamin Mosior


From: Demian Katz [mailto:demian.katz@villanova.edu]
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 10:50 AM
To: vufind-tech@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [VuFind-Tech] VuFind 2: Upgraded to ZF 2.1.3


Zend Framework 2.1.3 was released to fix additional problems with PHP 5.3.3 compatibility.

I have upgraded VuFind 2 to the latest version using the newly-created Composer configuration.

Hopefully, through the combination of Composer + ZF 2.1.3, VuFind will now once again behave correctly in early versions of PHP 5.3.

As always, let me know if you run into trouble.

- Demian