Hi Tod,

Apologies for the delay in  replying - I lost this e-mail in the mountain of e-mails I had after the New Year.

I have managed to get the items to display in the correct order with some custom indexing but I hit a snag with the ultimate goal of my attempts which was to add call number range searching.


import org.marc4j.marc.Record;
import org.solrmarc.tools.CallNumUtils;
org.solrmarc.index.SolrIndexer indexer = null;

 * Normalize a single LCCN
 * @param lccn
 * @return Normalized LCCN
public String getFullNormalizedLCCN(Record record, String lccn) {

    if (lccn != null) {
        lccn = indexer.getFirstFieldVal(record, lccn);
        String recordID = "1"; // Need to assign real value from record?

    if (lccn != null) {
        String normal = CallNumUtils.getLCShelfkey(lccn, recordID);
        if (normal != null) {
            // Send back normalized LCCN:
            return normal;
    // If we got this far, we couldn't find a valid value:
    return null;

callnumber-norm_str=  script(getFullNormalizedLCCN.bsh), getFullNormalizedLCCN(852hi)

<field name="callnumber-search" type="string" indexed="true" stored="true"/>

; Use the "callnumber" line for LC or the "dewey-sort" line for Dewey Decimal.
; If you want to enable both systems for sorting, you can uncomment both lines,
; but you will need to add some custom text to distinguish between the two.
callnumber-norm_str = sort_callnumber

CallNumber = callnumber-norm_str



On 12/27/2012 02:36 PM, Tod Olson wrote:

Did you ever come up with a solution to this problem?

We're in a similar way, wanting the call number browse to reflect call number shelving order.


On May 21, 2012, at 8:22 AM, Osullivan L. <L.Osullivan@swansea.ac.uk> wrote:

Hi Folks,

One of our subject librarians has asked us to change the way results are displayed when a callnumber search is performed.

Basically, if someone searches for PQ239, she would like the results returned to be PQ239, PQ239 > ABC, PQ239 .A22 2011, PQ239 .W55 2011, PQ240, PQ2390 etc

At present, we are getting a lot of PQ2391, PQ2392 etc at the top of our results...

The problem I see it two fold - To get what she ideally wants, we'd need to restrict all callnumber search to exact matches using the callnumber-a field and then create more fields to provide sorting for the rest of the callnumber. Has anyone done something similar?


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