Hi Christian,

I think, the only thing you missed, was adding the field callnumber-swf to the Solr index. You have to define the field in solr/biblio/conf/schema.xml first (unless you are using a dynamic field name).
Just copy one other field from the schema, name it callnumber-swf and restart the Solr server.

Hope that helps, best wishes

Am 11.10.2012 17:11, schrieb Christian Dabrowski:
Hi all,

I'd like to add a queryfield to the callnumber-query. The value is at least in the imported MARC-Data in the field 852 Subfield 9.
I added to marc_local.properties this: callnumber-swf: 8529
Then I added to IndexRecord.php this function to be able to call the callnumber where I need it:

    protected function getCallNumberSWF()
         return isset($this->fields['callnumber-swf']) ?
            $this->fields['callnumber-swf'] : '';

In the searchsepcs.yaml I added in the section Callnumber this queryfields:
  - callnumber-swf:
      - [onephrase, ~]

Finally as I wanted to reindex I received the error that the field "callnumber-swf" could not be found. What did I do wrong?
thanks in advance,


p.d.: as a programming newbie I hope it's not total scrap what I wrote here. Thanks for your patience!

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