thanks for the hint. I'll see what I can do - but surely need some help.

all best,


Am 09.10.2012 15:28, schrieb Demian Katz:

The jquerymobile theme does not currently support the status responses produced by the AJAX endpoint when multiple_locations is set to group.  It simply hides the status area when that type of response is found.


This logic is defined in web/interface/themes/jquerymobile/js/check_item_statuses.js.  You can compare it against the Blueprint logic in web/interface/themes/blueprint/js/check_item_statuses.js.


It would definitely be nice to make jquerymobile more robust in this regard.  There are three possible approaches:


1.)    Replicate the blueprint logic in jquerymobile, but make the display more compact and mobile friendly.

2.)    Loop through the data in jquerymobile and reduce it to a single value so it can be displayed as if the “group” setting were not present.

3.)    Change the AJAX endpoint so it includes summary data as well as group data (to avoid doing client-side processing).


I don’t like approach #3 – I think it creates unnecessary server side overhead/complexity for minimal benefit.


However, I’d be happy with either 1 or 2 – either one would be better than the total lack of solution we have presently.


Do you have time to try to implement one of these?  If so, I’ll be happy to commit it for the next release if you can share a fix.  If you don’t have time, it’s at least worth opening a JIRA ticket – maybe somebody else will have a chance in the coming weeks.


If you do want to work on this, I’ll be happy to help if you have any questions.


- Demian


From: Christian Dabrowski []
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2012 9:17 AM
To: Demian Katz;
Subject: Re: [VuFind-General] Availability in mobile theme


Hi Demian,

we have vufind 1.3 and the config.ini part is:

; Usually, there is only one location or call number for each item; however, when
; multiple values are found, there are several possible behaviors:
;     first = display the first value found, ignore the rest
;     all   = show all of the values found, separated by commas
;     msg   = show a message like "Multiple Call Numbers" or "Multiple Locations"
;     group = show availability statuses for each location on a separate line,
;             followed by callnumber information (valid for multiple_locations only)
multiple_call_nos = first
;multiple_locations = msg
multiple_locations = group
; Show the full location,call number, availability for each item
; You can customize the way each item's status is display in AJAX/status-full.tpl
; When enabled, this largely overrides multiple_call_nos and multiple_locations
show_full_status = false



Am 09.10.2012 15:04, schrieb Demian Katz:

What settings do you have in the [Item_Status] section of config.ini?  Which version of VuFind are you using?


If you let me know your settings/version, I will see if I can reproduce the problem on my test server.


- Demian


From: Christian Dabrowski []
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2012 6:59 AM
Subject: [VuFind-General] Availability in mobile theme


Hi all,

I would like to make the availability information visible in the result.tpl of the mobile theme (jquerymobile) - the short availability information, not the one for each item.

My problem is that I can see it loading and after the loading process is finished it disappears. Firebugs shows me no errors and that the data was loaded because in the "Answer-Tab" I can see the code correctly.

For testing purposes I even copied the code from Blueprints result.tpl where it works as I want, but still no sign of availability information.

Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks in advance!