How can I display only Building (or in our case "Collection") facet options that only correspond to whichever Location (="Library") filter is currently applied? We're adding a 999 for each holding statement. In order to populate the Library field I'm just using the SolrMarc mapping to map Dykes.* from the holdings statement to Dykes Library (Kansas City) in Library.

Here's an example:[]=building%3A%22Dykes+Library+%28Kansas+City%29%22

If I select Dykes Library as the Library, then I don't want to see Farha values in my Collection facet.

I looked at the Consortia support issue and the attached library location patch. I'm wondering if the added filtering it does in SearchObject/solr.php is what we need, but I don't think we really want to store the Location in the session.

PS We've just rolled out our new VuFind catalog. We have much work still to do, but it's been well-received and mostly painless. Much thanks to Demian and everyone who's contributed to the list, documentation, and code!



Jason Stirnaman
Biomedical Librarian, Digital Projects
A.R. Dykes Library, University of Kansas Medical Center