Today I was looking in the listserv archive, and found that I *had* received a response to my first posting. My apologies to everyone, and particularly Andrew Nagy. I'd posted questions back on January 14th, but somehow managed to never get the message of Andrew's nice reply, so I'm sure you felt ignored, Andrew. I'm sorry.
I've discovered a few things in the interim, and am posting several questions, or problems, that I'm encountering.
While most of the VuFind directory structure appears to be defined and static, some aspects appear to be under the implementer's control. I have, more or less, created directory structure diagrams, partially for documentation, and partially to help familiarize myself with VuFind and its friends. Which parts are dynamic, i.e., user-defined?
We've currently set up a development machine on which I'm working. I had a small .marc file from our Voyager box, and used to import that file. It trundled for quite some time and the import-log file led me to believe that I had a successful load. Yet when I do a search, I come up with nothing. What do I look for, and what might have gone awry?
Back to my original question from a while back...I need to add some additional fields and index them. Andrew had responded, in part:
   You need to edit the schema.xml and the to add a new field to VuFind. But then what do you plan
   to do with that new field? If you want to search by it, you will need to
   edit some PHP code. There is a field called "allfields" in the solr
   schema. This field get populated by all marc fields > 100. So most likely
   your field is already in the vufind index.
The fields I'm to add are:
I'm going to assume that these new fields will need to be searchable. From my looking around, I think the following will need changes:
schema.xml (for biblio)
marcxml2solr.xsl    maybe?
anything else?
Then I think I will somehow have to compile things, or rebuild them, possibly with ant. Here's where I have more difficulty, as I have no real experience with Java, and just recently learned that ant is a java build tool. What do I need to do?
Thank you,