Hi everyone:
I have been working for years with Voyager, but am totally new to VuFind. I have limited Java and XML experience (as in very little), no PHP experience, and am new to technologies employed in VuFind. I have been using Perl with Voyager for many years. There's my brief background.
The task that I'm currently trying to accomplish is to index some fields that are not in the supplied VuFind schema.
How do I go about this?
I've looked through the messages archive, but if something relevant was there, I did not see it. I've perused what documentation I can find on VuFind, solr, etc.
The best I can come up with is to add the fields to schema.xml. Would this be the schema.xml in the biblio subdirectory? Is that the only schema.xml I should be concerned with? Or is my question incomplete, and more than one schema.xml needs to be changed? I'm guessing that the vufind.properties file in .../vufind/import/solrmarc also needs changes of order: localfield = marcfield and subfield, and localfield has to match what is put in schema.xml.
Thanks, Roy
Roy Zimmer
Western Michigan University