I thought I'd try out Vufind2 (from github) and have fallen over at the first hurdle, in configuration. The (mysql) database configuration 'fix' fails. However, the exception is caught nicely, and returns me to an uninformative 'an error has occurred' message. Because the exception was caught, there's nothing in the apache error log either. I tried creating the db manually and editing config.ini to match, hoping the configuration would be recognised by the installation procedure as valid, but no, still the same symptoms. The 'Skip credentials' button (not sure what that means?) also gives me the 'error has occurred' message.


Setting 'debug' to 'true' in config.ini doesn't change anything.


Setting APPLICATION_ENV to 'development' in the Apache config didn't change anything.


What's the recommended way to turn informative error messages and stack traces on/off for development/production versions?