We are running VuFind 1.1 on a Windows machine with Apache 2.2.17 and 8GB of RAM. We are having a difficult time tuning Java. Could someone explicitly explain which files (and their locations) need to be updated to increase memory to Java in this environment.


Our problem seems to be Solr isn’t doing a good job with garbage collection and we are constantly being hit with HTTP 500 errors at random and high peak times. We have made numerous edits to the files increasing Java but for some reason the edits aren’t sticking or we might be updating the wrong files. We haven’t been able to get the garbage collection to spit out any logs.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated because this occasional downtime is wearing thin on our users.


Feel free to contact me directly if more specific information is needed and when we find a solution I will make sure to post back on the listserv the steps taken to resolve the issue.


Thanks in advance!


- Camille


Camille Tomlin

Web Developer

The Free Library of Philadelphia