Hi Daniel,

Yes, exactly, and that list hasn't been updated for a while.  Once I receive URLs for a current and comprehensive list of VUfind sites and their admin address, I could send it to Andrew's replacement at Villanova (although we can't assume that is his responsibility, not at all).

VUfinders, keep your curent URLs coming! thank you all,
Ya'aqov Ziso, eResources Management Librarian, Rowan University (856) 256 4804

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Hi Yaaqov.

Do you know about the list of implementation URLs here: http://www.vufind.org/about.php ?

In any case, here's the URL for Yale's Yufind: http://yufind.library.yale.edu/

Not sure who should be our primary contact person. Feel free to use my email address (daniel.lovins@yale.edu<mailto:daniel.lovins@yale.edu>) for general queries. Jeff Barnett is the most knowledgeable on the systems/programming end (jeffrey.barnett@yale.edu).

/ Daniel

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Till, Daniel, All,

Well, RC+1 seems definitely not a priority. Each VUfind dev/admin does their own testing, and bites the bullet, with no former RC.

Sure, a joined development would be great, but most of us can hack it (unless I misunderstood this?) Also it seems that other issues concern us, such a lack of a roadmap.

I for one would like to have a list of all VUfind sites, the eMail address for the dev/admin for the installation, and the URL for their VUfind instance.
If you send this to me, I would gladly compile the list and send it out
Ya'aqov Ziso, Electronic Resource Management Librarian, Rowan University 856 256 4804