Naomi - thanks for bringing this up.  Subjects have been a thorn in my side.  Looks like my current solution doesn't work.  We will need to rework the subject and the subject indexing to solve this problem.


What is happening on the public display is the following:

650a > 650x > 650y > 650z

But clearly, this will not work.  I tried to implement the idea of a hierarchy as the LC Subject Headings (from what I thought) we supposed to be.  But it looks like, in the example you included, that the display could be:

650a > 650x > 650x > 650v






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I received the note below last week from our cataloging expert.  This is using the java importer as of late april ... but I think it may also be a problem in the solrmarc configuration as "shipped" at the present time.  I believe the solution will center around:


 to know when to hold 'em (concatenate separate subfield values together for a single index field)

 to know when to fold 'em (put each separate subfield value into its own field)


- Naomi


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Date: July 23, 2008 10:09:52 AM PDT

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Subject: VuFind testing: hyperlink issues



I've noticed some problems in the hyperlinks that appear when you display an individual record in VuFind.

First, the display of the subject headings is quite confusing. I'll use ckey 6680871 (title: Buddhism and psychotherapy across cultures) as example. This record has these four subject heading fields:

650 0 |a Psychotherapy  |x Religious aspects  |x Buddhism  |v Congresses. 
650 0 |a Buddhism  |x Psychology  |v Congresses. 
650 0 |a Death  |x Religious aspects  |x Shin (Sect)  |v Congresses. 
650 0 |a Shin (Sect)  |x Psychology  |v Congresses.

In the public display, they appear as follows:

Subjects:        Psychotherapy  > Congresses.  > Religious aspects
Buddhism > Congresses. > Buddhism
Death > Congresses. > Psychology
Shin (Sect) > Congresses. > Religious aspects

As you can see, it looks like someone has taken all the subfields in these four fields, toss them up into the air, let them fall down and then display them all together as a blob. And if you click on them, some work and some don't. And those that work are no longer the whole heading, just that one subfield (e.g. psychotherapy instead of Psychotherapy--Religious aspects--Buddhism--Congresses).

Second, in another record (ckey 6276584, title: Shinshushi no kenkyu, author: Kusaka, Murin), it has these three subject headings:

600 1 0 |a Shinran,  |d 1173-1263. 
650 0 |a Shin (Sect) 
650 0 |a Buddhism  |z Japan.

The public view has the same problem as mentioned above:

Subjects:       Shin (Sect)  > Japan.
                 Shinran, 1173-1263.

Note that Japan is on the first line, rather than after "Buddhism" in the second line.

Furthermore, if you click on the name "Shinran, 1173-1263", it retrieves zero result, when in fact there are many records with that name as a subject. If you click on that hyperlink in Socrates, it retrieves 79 records.

So, I think we have some work to do to make the hyperlinks in VuFind work properly, both in terms of their presentation, as well as the search that they do when someone clicks on them.

-- Vitus


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