Ralph, that error is caused by the Bash script not being able to read /usr/local/vufind/solr/jetty/start.jar - can you make sure it exists?




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Subject: [VuFind-General] Error trying to start vufind




I’m trying to start vufind, (./vufind.sh start), but am getting this error:

** ERROR: Oops! Jetty doesn't appear to be installed in /usr/local/vufind/solr/jetty

** ERROR:  /usr/local/vufind/solr/jetty/start.jar is not readable!


The jetty directory is there, the files have read access. They are owned by root and I’m trying to start it as the root user.


I believe I have all the prerequisites for vufind installed. Here’s more relevant info:


Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 AS

PHP 5.2.1

Apache 2.2

Java 1.6.0_03


YAZ 3.0.4

Aspell 0.60.5


Any help is greatly appreciated!