Congratulations! The performance over 21 million records is really impressive! Enjoy the celebrations,

On 29 January 2010 14:10, Till Kinstler <> wrote:
Demian Katz schrieb:
> Congratulations on the launch, and thanks once again for all of your contributions back to the public codebase!  It's good to see that code of shared usefulness can come even from such a heavily-customized project.

In the end it's not that much customized (technically). Of course we
built an (almost) complete new template set. But that's quite small by
now, because we only use part of the VuFind functionality yet (eg. no
personalization features like lists, saved searches, tags etc.). We want
to integrate more of that in our user interface in the next months...
In the VuFind core we needed to change mainly SearchObject.php and
Solr.php to handle some custom searches and add the "rights management
stuff" (an additional PHP class that is called at some places and some
changes in Solr.php to add search parameters on every query). And we did
a few changes to handle additional AJAX requests. It was my goal to stay
as close to mainline VuFind as possible... Nevertheless I already fear
the pains when the day comes to merge our branch with the changes in the
current code base :-)



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