HI Ashraf,
Vufind works independently of any ILS. In our implementation (not public yet), we are using it to make 180k bibliographic records available which aren't in our ILS.

The thing to be aware of is that VuFind is currently quite marc-centric, in that the full-record display expects a full marc record to be in the Solr index for display, and the distributed ingest tool (SolrMarc) expects binary marc. Plans are progressing to allow VuFind handle other metadata schema (see http://www.vufind.org/wiki/other_than_marc), but for now you either have to have your data in MARC or rewrite the full-record page to display information directly from the Solr Index (some institutions have done this). Our records are in MODS, so we map and convert them to Marc before index.

If you do want to link to an ILS for live status updates etc., a number of drivers for different ILS products are pacakged with Vufind, and Greg Pendelbury has written a "demo driver" which simulates an ILS connection for testing and presentation purposes.

Hope this helps,

2009/9/25 ashraf.sharif <ashraf.sharif@aku.edu>



I am new to list. We are in process of software selection for our libraries.  I want to know if Vufind works independently or works with an ILS ?


Thanks n regards,





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