Hi Till, 
Re the Interface Design/Usability, I can see how this was confusing. By Interface design I meant implementation skills, and by usability, I meant expertise in planning user-friendly interfaces which I suppose encompasses graphic design as you say. I have changed this to:
Is this ok?

Re a scale for each skill/area of interest, I have added a scale for each of the "areas of expertise". I hoped that the "rate your development skills/experience" scale would cover it for the specific programming languages etc, but I can certainly change it to a scale for each of them if it would be more useful(?)

I made a few other small changes (e.g. added "Performance tuning and deployment" as an area of expertise). I also numbered each of the sections/questions to make it easier for people to comment.


2009/9/17 Till Kinstler <kinstler@gmail.com>
Eoghan Ó Carragáin schrieb:

Let me know if anything should be changed/added before people start filling it in.

One question for clarification: Is "Interface Design" asking for design skills (which are poor on my side, and are partly covered by "Interface usability" as well, aren't they?) or design implementation skills (coding design in CSS and Smarty, which works much better for me).


And for two questions (Area of interest) and Development skills a scale ("1 to 3" or "1 to 5") instead of binary no/yes might have been useful. On the other hand, this is not a scientific evaluation, so maybe better leave it as it is...