Hi Tim
As the text is a link it's formatted as link in screen.css using the rule below:
HTML Excert
<p class="summary">
<fld520 i1="BLANK" i2="BLANK">
<a>Now in its fourth printing, this standard critical anthology dealing with the big three among fantasy writers has been brought up to date through the addition of an Afterword discussing the book Tolkien considered his greatest work, the posthumously published TheSil­marillion. Shadows of Imaginationconsists of essays by thirteen scholars who treat seriously the fantasies of C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams. Lewis, Tolkien, and Williams have made the writing of fantasy a legitimate art. These writers, according to Mark Hillegas, editor of and contributor to this collection, have revived the ancient arts of epic and romance, have returned to the tradition created by theOdyssey,theDivine Comedy, Paradise Lost,andFaust. Hillegas points out that although they often are compared with science-fiction writers, Lewis, Tolkien, and Williams do not write about science, never glorify the machi≠ instead, they fill a void, satisfy a human longing for a "myth to bring meaning again to the universe and human existence."</a>
a:focus, a:hover {
    color: rgb(0, 153, 255);
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I am trying to use the Excerpts tab to display the content of summary.xml from Syndetics. This is working fine in that the information from Syndetics appears and displays. However, it looks like it is a link
- blue and underlined and I cannot for the life of me see how to get rid of this formatting. I edited /web/sys/Exceprts.php to get the info from Syndetics replacing the request for Excerpts with the link to the summary file. I am assuming that something in a css file is affecting this layout - but where? I can't see anything in view-excerpt.tpl or view.tpl.
If anyone has any ideas I would, as usual, be delighted to hear. I have made this work on our live system so if you want to see an example please look here:
We are v1.3.
Many thanks,
Tim Fletcher
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