Hi Andrew.


Thanks for the explanation and quick response. I'll send a patch to jira.


And Keiko: thanks for pointing out the problem in the first place.


- Daniel


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Daniel - great catch!

For the 2 callnumber map files - I just copied and pasted from the LOC pdf files on the callnumber ranges.

It looks like I missed the entire 2nd page from the D section pdf file

If you are going to fix this, please submit the patch to the Jira.


On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 5:15 PM, Lovins, Daniel <daniel.lovins@yale.edu> wrote:

Hi all.


It was pointed out to me that some of the LC Class subjects are missing from callnumber_subject_map.properties file. For example, DS "History of Asia" is missing under D (History). The upshot is that if you do a search on "China history" in Yale's VuFind implementation, you get a classification facet starting with "D World history" with 23,900 hits; then if you try to drill down, you find the two top ranking sub-categories are D General history (237 hits) and DA Great Britain (25 hits) . No mention of Asia for the simple reason that DS is missing from the properties file.


I was thinking of asking colleagues in Catalog and Metadata Services to help me fill in any of the missing pieces and then contribute the enhanced file back to the collective, but I thought I'd ask the discussion list first in case somebody else has done it already.








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