Hello dear community,

Our library has recently started exploring vufind. Everything works fine with one exception.

We have a huge digital content on e-prints and now we would like to import those records into our vufind catalog. 
This document http://vufind.org/wiki/importing_records appeared to be an excellent guide and we managed the task. Still we are not able to solve one task.
Our *e-prints record* contains two dc:identifiers; one for the URL and the other one for the name of the journal. Nonetheless, when we harvest the record and search it in the vufind, these two fields are not displayed (but they are very important for us). 

We understand, that this to be done we should make some modifications in the *dspace.xsl*, and maybe some other changes in the files responsible for the record display, but we do not know exactly what to do. 

Any advices?

Thanks in advance,