Dear community,

We are testing Vufind on our Ubuntu based server to deploy it as an OPAC for our library. Everything works fine. Yet, there is an issue that I am unable to solve. We want to modify some features, particularly how  records are displayed. We want to get rid of the Holdings tab. So, I have modified /web/config.ini to show by default the Description tab and then deleted the string below from /web/interface/themes/blueprint/Record/view.tpl file.

 <li{if $tab == 'Holdings' || $tab == 'Hold'} class="active"{/if}>
        <a href="{$url}/Record/{$id|escape:"url"}/Holdings#tabnav">{translate text='Holdings'}</a>

Still, nothing is affected. What is more, Vufind does not react to any modification that I do. Even when i delete the whole code, it continues to work. Only when I do delete the file, it fails to display the record.

Moreover, this is a problem that I faced when dealing with other files as well. We do not need the Availability status of our records be displayed so I tried to delete the proper string from the file /web/interface/themes/[your theme]/RecordDrivers/Index/results.tpl. And again, no response. I had to eliminate that section through CSS (display:invisible). Restarting Vufind does not help either.

Any suggestion?

Thank in advance,