I'm happy to include jangle in the discussion loop.

Perhaps the ideal would be for a package to be able to batch load bib feeds OR holdings feeds OR bib and holdings combined feeds.  I would love to see solrmarc expanded for this.  *I* may have to expand solrmarc for this, if we don't suck it up with the holdings -> bib rec shoehorn method.

One tricky bit would be getting the single feeds to correctly update the appropriate existing documents (as this would depend on which fields are stored in the index).

The ILS Driver method is great for real time queries to the ILS, but I don't think it's going to be the preferred method for batch.

And Stephen is right to point out that the information we most desire, at this time, via batch is:

call numbers
library building
institution?  (for consortia?)

Extra credit:  what sort of acquisitions information might be valuable for discovery?  ("on order"  "expected 8/2008" )  What about other non-bib information?

- Naomi

On Jun 30, 2008, at 6:58 AM, Andrew Nagy wrote:

Wow - this is a really long email.  Let's take 1 bit at a time otherwise we will all get too confused - all really good discussion topics though.  Maybe this would be a great conversation for an Open Source OPAC conference in the September timeframe ;)
One thing to keep in the back of your mind when thinking about how this can be done as a collective effort - we need to keep the Jangle OS project community in the loop as this is something that that community will want to tackle as well.
I think this can be accomplished from the ILS Driver perspective with the getHolding method.  It can be extended as Steven has done.  I could see a script - similar to the marc importer - that imports marc holdings.  Maybe this could be an extension to SolrMarc?
3.  can we, the vufind community, collaborate on a standard approach and common code (as much as possible) to get all this information fed to VuFind, across ILS vendors?   
3a. Would that be a marc 21 holdings record  (see ) ?  
3b. Would that be a standard way of embedding the information into a marc bib 9xx field (or other)?  (the same field?  the same use of the same subfields?) 
3c. Would it be both?
3d. Would it be an xml format?

Naomi Dushay