Hi, good morning!


We are in luck: yes, there is!

EBSCO: please do take a look at VuFind JIRA's ticket (using EBSCO's great EIT),




Vaclav Rosecky with additions from  Ere Maijala  


Myself, I shall starting working on it heavily in the near future.


ScienceDirect: if you're interested in FT articles only, well, depending on the databases subscribed (mostly) you have them via EBSCO (and with added value, as EBSCO does with all of its contents).


SCOPUS: well if you're not into articles that are have not FT available at a distance of click, perhaps you should look the other way around and implement (needed to be adapted to your parameters) Demian's SciVerse gadget, http://vufind.org/jira/browse/VUFIND-450. Anyway, at my institution SCOPUS real-time search was in a 1st approach considered not so relevant, but either way would like to explore http://www.info.sciverse.com/scopus/scopus-in-detail/tools/api as we are a SCOPUS subscriber (University of Aveiro, Portugal).


Btw, if you're new into VuFind (Demian / Villanova University's Falvey Memorial Library are the hosts, but I think they won't mind if I say "Welcome!") , VuFind's JIRA is a great source of info on what is being done, besides these mailing lists and their archives at 




Please stay in touch if you're thinking of implementing any of these solutions as complements to VuFind's local SOLR's indexed records so we can exchange ideas, as we have been, sometimes in JIRA's (the core ones), sometimes just amongst 4 of use, Demian leading, as VuFind 2.0 in it's way and does bring some new stuff that makes this task a lot easier (according to Demian).


All the best and have a great weekend (hoping to share some related code if it adds value in the line of being done),


Filipe B.


Filipe Manuel S. Bento  |  http://about.me/filipeb

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On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 11:01 PM, Andres Felipe <andres99f@gmail.com> wrote:


Hi, I want to know if is possible to querying targets like EBSCO, ScienceDirect and related. thanks.

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