Looks like my email of last week didn't make it to the list for some reason, so I'm resending:
This is just to let you know that we went beta with our VuFind implementation, and have opened up the server to the world. We're very excited about the system and we're really looking forward to getting some feedback from the students. We're having a targeted launch at the start of term - just sending the link out to specific groups of students, so that we don't confuse them all with two catalogue interfaces, but the plan is to advertise the beta version more prominently after the first four or five weeks of term when things are more settled. It's generated a real buzz amongst the Library staff. 

Many thanks to Andrew et al. for developing the system, and to the community for helping us get this far.
The link is https://beta.catalogue.lse.ac.uk Andrew I'd be very grateful if you could add this to the VuFind website.
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