If I understand correctly, the only way to import data in VUFind is to use the MARC Import Tool from the command line (./import.sh records.marc). There is no way to harvest records from an OAI server (or through Z39.50 protocol). To access the imported data, you can set up an OAI server, use OpenSearch or Solr. But there is only one way to import data, no other mean of harvesting records. Correct me if I am wrong.


    Stamatis Rapanakis


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Stamatis - the OAI module in VuFind is not a harvester.  The current implementation is a server - so others can harvest your records.  Im not sure this is fully functional as there has been little interest behind this.

We do have an OAI importer on our todo list - but don't have one yet.  If you are interested in developing this feature - let me know.


On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 5:30 PM, <srapanakis@ekt.gr> wrote:

 I would like to retrieve records from the above Geology Thesis collection:

Name: hdl_10090_39
Alt name:
Conn type: oai
Host: http://dspace.nitle.org/dspace-oai/request

Record schema: oai_dc
Isword: 0

Mat type: Article
Vendor url: http://dspace.nitle.org/dspace/handle/10090/39
Bib attr:
Proxy: 1

 Does anyone know how I should modify the OAI part of the config.ini file?

; OAI is Optional.
identifier      = oai:myuniversity.identifier

  Thank you in advance.

   Stamatis Rapanakis

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