We have still problems with the holds and our new ILS-Driver for VuFind 2.0.


We have problems when placing a hold. After I press the button "Place a Title Level Request" I am redirected to a new site containing "Hold", the specified variables from HMACKeys and the hashKey.
But this page shows the typical "an error occurred" page. I think the phtml-file belonging to the "Hold"-page is the file /themes/blueprint/templates/record/hold.phtml.
Therefore I tried to find the error in this file, even commented out everything in it, but still the error remains.

Could you give us some advice where I have to search for the error shown on the "hold" page? Or could you tell me if there is a log-file showing the call-stack of the websites, so I can find out myself which parameters in vufind refer to which phtml file?




subkom gmbh