#8 Client writes PID file, optional PID file tag added


This patch makes a client write their PID file to the
PID dir as well. Also, it allows an optional tag to be
added to the PID filename so more than one can run
concurrently. This has been used on the
Debian-distributed version of vtun for a long time.


  • alan johnson

    alan johnson - 2005-01-15

    Logged In: YES

    maybe should use

  • Bishop

    Bishop - 2005-03-09

    Logged In: YES


    Can you refactor this patch for the Branch-3_X cvs source?
    I'd like to get this into 3.0, and it may need to be soon.

  • Bishop

    Bishop - 2005-03-09
    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mtbishop
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Shouldn't be much of a change in the code, if a change at
    all. I'll get on this, sorry it took so long to reply.

    Check out the Debian package for any other patches we have
    (the one that gives /dev/random support when OpenSSL is
    absent comes to mind). Since they just patch the official
    version, the code shouldn't need to be changed.

  • Bishop

    Bishop - 2005-03-30

    Logged In: YES


    The makefile patch is separate. I think we should treat it
    separately so that the two can be merged on their own merits.

    Vtun folks don't often have an opportunity to stroll out to
    ISV sites and other web sites in the hopes of finding
    applicable patches. The SF UI is a great way to let us know
    which would benefit us all through inclusion. It also
    avoids a potential legal implication that can arise if vtun
    staff pulls in patches without making doubly sure the patch
    has a compatible license, for instance. Offered patches are

    Having said that, both the makefile patch and the pid_dir
    patch have a lot of interest.

  • Bishop

    Bishop - 2007-06-28

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    File Added: 01-pidfile.dpatch

  • Bishop

    Bishop - 2007-06-28
     patch to allow clients to write the pid, pid writing has optional tag

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