C. Burstedde - 2003-06-03


whether I put

proto udp

into my server config or not, the server opens a tcp listen socket. Secondly, the doc says that the proto directive is ignored by the client - how can that be, it needs to know whether the server listens on tcp or udp to connect properly?  It just seems so inappropriate to tunnel tcp->ip->ethernet again over tcp.  Am I missing the concept here?

I am using Debian 3.0, vtun 2.5-2.

Here is my server config, thanks in advance.

options {
  port 5000;
  ifconfig /sbin/ifconfig;

mystery {
  passwd xxxx;
  type ether;
#  device tap0;
  proto udp;
  encrypt yes;
  stat yes;
  keepalive yes;

  up {
    program /usr/bin/logger "vtun server up";
    ifconfig "%% up";