Wei-Dong Lian - 2008-05-07

Dear friend,
Thanks a lot for your opensource project VTK.net.It is very useful for my rearch, and it provides a very powerful fuction to display my data.
Now I have a problem about using this package. It is:

I plan to generate a image using the vtk.net in asp.net. The image is the just we look in the console app. First, I guess this VTK.net package has been provide the fuction to generate the image from the render environment. Second, i assume this VTK.net package can be used in ASP.net.

It works well in WinForms App and Console App using Visual Studio 2008. But it cann't be compiled successfully in ASP.net app. So I am very grateful if you can give me some suggestions. Whatever, thanks a lot for your help.

                               From Jacky Lian