1 contact - 2 email addresses

  • Vtiger SysAdmin

    Vtiger SysAdmin - 2010-01-16

    This was posted by ppvr

    This happens more often than not: one of my contacts sends me emails using one email address one day, an other email address an other day. But it is the same person.

    How can I associated multiple email addresses to the same contact in vtiger? There is only 1 email field per contact …

    When I press "qualify", vtiger does not recognize that this is the same person an creates and other contact. I would like to have 1 single contact with 2 email addresses. When an email comes from either email address, then it would be nice if it could be attached to this contact and not create a new contact.

    By the way, is there an other method than the "qualify" button to attach an email to an existing contact?

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