Vtiger SysAdmin - 2010-01-24

This was posted by jerrydhawkins

I hope someone can help me,  I just installed vtiger and am overwhelmed trying to figure out all of the cool features, but I've been stopped by the portal not working.  It says after entering the login credentials that  "The Version is not Compatible " My version of vtiger is 5.1.0rc  and my version of the portal is 5.1.0.   Looks like a pretty good match to me.  I'have double checked both the paths portalconfig.php as well as the vtiger configinc.php, I've created a contact and received my email, however….I still get the error.  Any help would be appreciated!

click (http://forums.vtiger.com/viewtopic.php?t=29987) to go to the post on vtiger forums