light vs full version?

  • Martin Preishuber


    thanks for making vtd-xml, we're using it on the android platform for OpenGPX.

    I just noticed, that there's a light version of vtd-xml, but I couldn't find any docs for it. it does use VTDGen instead of VTDGenHuge etc. is there an overview regarding that version?

    The AutoPilot class in the light package seems to miss XPath functionality (.selectXPath etc. …)

    best regards,


  • jimmy zhang

    jimmy zhang - 2010-11-26

    With VTD-XML you can do parsing, navigation, xpath, indexing, incremental update. the max file is 2G for non-namespace xml doc, and 1G with namespace support
    With light version of vtd-xml, it is basicly parsing and navigation
    with extended version of vtd-xml, you can do parsing, navigation and xpath, but no indexing or incremental update, the max file size is 256 GB… you can do in-memory based parsing, or memory-mapping,


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