Does VTD-XML C version support multi-thread?

Jack Hoo
  • Jack Hoo

    Jack Hoo - 2010-08-26

    Does VTD-XML C version support multi-threads? if no, any plan on it?

  • jimmy zhang

    jimmy zhang - 2010-08-28

    Can you be more specific on what you mean by multithreads?

  • Jack Hoo

    Jack Hoo - 2010-08-30

    I am trying to use the VTD-XML in a multi-thread  program: One thread receives the incoming xml and parses the xml to VTD-XML, the other threads do some xpath evaluation using selectXPath with the VTD-XML generated in the first thread. 

  • jimmy zhang

    jimmy zhang - 2010-08-30

    will investigate and get back

  • jimmy zhang

    jimmy zhang - 2010-09-05

    Can you use thead local variable on a few global/static variables?

    these variables are nsList *nl and exprList *el in xpath.h, and struct exception_context the_exception_context;?

    here is the reference to thread local storage

  • Jack Hoo

    Jack Hoo - 2010-09-06

    Thanks! I will have a try.

  • jimmy zhang

    jimmy zhang - 2010-09-07

    use thread local storage is the easiest way to make it thread safe, …. will issue a patch soon…

  • Jack Hoo

    Jack Hoo - 2010-09-09

    Ok, thanks!


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