jack - 2013-09-17


I would like to navigate to a specific node in the xml after reading the xml. lets assume the xml has
[<root><test></test><test></test><test></test>....</root>] , now my program reads few nodes for e.g : 5 and then it creates a output file. I now need to go back to the position in the xml file where the cursor left to read 5 more files to create a new output file again .. this process has to continue untill i reach the end by reading 5 elements everytime.

All my files that gets created has the same first 5 nodes in all the xmls..

int counter=0;
vn= vg.getNav();
AutoPilot ap0 = new AutoPilot();
while(counter < 100 ){ //99 files are to be written
writeFile(ap0, vn)

my write file method :-

byte[] ba = vn.getXML().getBytes();
int i=0;

while (i<5 && ap0.evalXPath() != -1) {
long l = vn.getElementFragment();
int offset = (int) l;
int len = (int) (l >> 32);
fos.write(ba, offset, len);

all my 100 files has same 5 nodes,,,,any help? what is the way to set the navigation cursor to 6th ,11th, and so on ....elements in the next iterations...

any help pls.

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