VTD Parsing issue

  • miftha

    miftha - 2011-03-17

    When we are trying to parse the xml which has a CDATA as below, it is failing. Can you please let me know how to overcome this issue. The data within the CDATA is customer data and we can not change it

    <Data><![CDATA[paprika ], dough conditioners )]]</Data>

  • jimmy zhang

    jimmy zhang - 2011-03-17

    that is not a valid xml file, it should end with ]]>

  • miftha

    miftha - 2011-03-17

    Sorry that was a typo

    <Data><![CDATA] Container</text></description></householdServingSize>

    The issue is if it has ']]' inside the CDATA as a part of content, it is not able to parse it.


  • jimmy zhang

    jimmy zhang - 2011-03-18

    just tried on java with version 2.10, no problem observeed, what is the version, what is the platform? c++, c, C# or java?


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