ParserException: com.ximpleware.EOFException

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-27

    I’m trying to use VTD-XML to open a huge XML file, its about 22 GB, however I got an  “ParserException: com.ximpleware.EOFException: permature EOF reached, XML document incomplete” when I called the  vg.parseFile

                VTDGen vg = new VTDGen();
                System.out.println("============ start parsing the file =======================");
                if (vg.parseFile("largeXML.xml",false)){
                System.out.println("============================= parsing the file done =======================");
                VTDNav vn = vg.getNav();

  • jimmy zhang

    jimmy zhang - 2011-12-18

    The xml file is not well formed, it seems


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