#18 Freewrap failure? No exe on binary gen


Hello Chris Gaven, long time no chat! Well I'm in a quandry
about what to do next... I need to be able to release a
windows binary but the "Save As with binary" generates
no "exe" file. Hmmm. Is there a limit to the number of procs
you can have? Or the size of the file? Or order of the procs?
My source file is quite large (.tcl file approaching 300K).
It's a multiplayer fantasy board game with simulated dice.
I'm looking forward to working this problem out, thanks
in advance,

(Barney Blankenship)

P.S. Using VTCL 1.6.0b2 and Activestate ActiveTcl 8.4.1
Having trouble telling what freewrap I'm using but I'm pretty
sure it was latest release here. Invoking freewrap doesn't
give the version number, nor does passing the source file
gladiator.tcl to it do anything productive (no error message
I can see....)
Let me know if you need the source I'll put it up on a web site.


  • Barney Blankenship

    Logged In: YES

    OK I apologize you guys were one step ahead of me, I updated
    freewrap to latest 5.5 release and all is good. Apparently the version
    of VTCL I had was outdated as well as it was corrupting the source
    file, and updating that fixed the corruption problem but outdated
    freewrap lol.

    Barney (octagone)

  • RJ Ent

    RJ Ent - 2003-12-08
    • status: open --> closed

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