vTcl development update

Just wanted to give some info on what's happening on vTcl development right now.

I am working on redesigning the compound system:

- the older system used complex multilevel data structures

- the new system uses the same code as for dumping projects, thus avoiding a lot of duplicate code and effort for dumping and creating compounds

o a compound is now contained in its own namespace, it is "human readable"

o the new compounds will maintain information about which options are saved

o a new "compound container" widget will be introduced; the idea is inserting a compound as a black box (subwidgets invisible in widgets tree, and container can be selected/dragged as one widget)

o compound container widget will only save compound code once in a project, even if compound is being used a number of times

o compounds will have custom options, making them fully reusable UI components (eg. a bitmap button can have a -command option, a -bitmap option, etc.)

o as with the old compounds system, the new compounds may contain a number of procedures as well as binding tags; additional UI will allow easy selection of code to include with a compound

Some of this is already in the CVS (create compound, insert compound, load/save compounds). The compound container widget will be implemented soon.

I am also working on finding a fix for Tix problems with the -font options.

Posted by Christian Gavin 2002-09-24

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