Announcing Visual Tcl 1.5.1b4

Announcing Visual Tcl 1.5.1 beta 4

We recommend that you upgrade to this version.

1.5.1b4 fixes many critical bugs found in 1.5.1b3. Among them:
- editing a button command then beeing unable to save the project
- BLT not working
- error when generating a Tclet
- copy/paste problems with Toplevels and aliases
- copy/paste toplevel with menu, copy/paste menubutton

1.5.1b4 adds a few enhancements to 1.5.1b3:
- minimizes the number of options beeing saved in the project like
background color, foreground color, etc.
- right-click menu in attributes editor allows to reset an option
to its default, or to apply the option to all widgets of the same
class, or to prevent the option from beeing saved (helps porting
applications to other platforms)
- Shift + Click in widgets toolbar inserts a widget in the current
insertion point (equivalent of the "auto-place new widgets" option
in the preferences)

Thanks to all of you who reported problems and helped
reproduce them! Bugs continue to be fixed; make sure you
periodically get the latest source code from the CVS
(see instructions in CVS page).

- The 1.5.1 final release will include copy/paste of megawidgets
with their contents. For example, copy/paste a tabnotebook, itself
containing another tabnotebook in one of its pages! An implementation
is in the works.

Visual Tcl is a freely-available, cross-platform application development
for the Tcl/Tk language. It generates pure Tcl/Tk code and runs on
Linux, Windows and Macintosh. Visual Tcl provides support for extensions
like [Incr Tcl], BLT, Tix, and tkTable.

Visual Tcl is covered by the GNU General Public License.
Please read the LICENSE file for more information.

Visual Tcl is originally created by Stewart Allen.
It is maintained by:

Christian Gavin <>
Damon Courtney <>

Posted by Christian Gavin 2001-04-01

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