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hagi Cohen
  • hagi Cohen

    hagi Cohen - 2010-09-30

    I produce  GUI with VTCL. I have problems

    first problem that pop-up massage are now backside of GUI

    second problem that after I push X of GUI it still run (wish85 running in task manager)

  • Pedro

    Pedro - 2010-10-02

    Hi hagic,

    There are a few demos with vtcl files that might help
    The button.tcl file has a few messages, it should be under demos in VTCL directory
    depending where you installed vtcl, here is my install path in windows

    on the second problem, when i ran a few demos i go the same experience.
    I hope someone can share a workaround for this.

    By the way i am running wish8.4

  • GTRBudda

    GTRBudda - 2010-12-27


    I've run into problem #2 myself, wish still showing in task manager after program close. If it's any help (and I'm too no0b with vTcl to be sure) it seems to be related to having more than one toplevel, or at least it seems so in my case. In a project I'm working on, I deleted the second toplevel from the project and found that wish departed from the task manager along with the app.
    I hope that saves someone some debugging time at least :-)


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