compatible version of activeTcl with vtcl-1.6

  • mahmood naderan

    mahmood naderan - 2009-03-08

    Where can I find a version of activeTcl which is compatible with vtcl-1.6.1a1? I found in this forum that lots of people have problem with compatibility issues. There is no link for previous releases for activeTcl...

    • Strykaas

      Strykaas - 2009-03-10

      Hi !

      I have absolutely no problem with ActiveSstate Tcl (8.4.xx version).

      Activestate 8.5 version does not include as many packages by default, but you can get them through TEA.

      I have used vtcl extensively with AS 8.4.xx with no problem.


  • Larry W. Virden

    Larry W. Virden - 2009-09-21

    ActiveState provides a link on their ActiveTcl download page for downloading the old versions of ActiveTcl. HOWEVER, I would encourage you to work with members of the vtcl community to fix it so that it runs with ActiveTcl 8.6 - using the greatest and latest version of Tcl would be preferable.

  • Frank

    Frank - 2012-08-01

    I decided to update my tcl (to V8.5.11).
    Forgot that Vtcl  didn't work with TCL V8.5.3. The latest Vtcl is V1.6.1a1 which doesn't work with Tcl above 8.5.
    V1.6.1a1 has been around for years. I think development of Vtcl has stopped.
    I think the problem is not TCL, its Vtcl.

  • 3rdshiftcoder

    3rdshiftcoder - 2012-08-02

    check out the link below for a vtcl kit

    I have been using tkproe. I had to use the packer though. I tried gridder, and it kept locking up my display.
    Not sure what I am doing wrong to have that happen.

  • Ken Parker

    Ken Parker - 2012-08-02

    Development has been slow to say the least. I will look into adding support for the latest TCL version. Last time I did an upgrade it was fairly straight forward.


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