Behavior in packer mode

  • david rault

    david rault - 2008-03-21


    I'm just starting with vTCL. I want to use the packer.

    But, in this mode, I cannot pack new buttons onto a previously created frame.
    The first button is correctly packed onto the frame, but the frame size reduces to the button size.
    Then I could not do another button pack in the same frame.

    Another problem in packer mode. I'd like to create a new frame and pack onto it some buttons I already packed onto the topwindow for example. Is it possible ? It looks like the "set parent" menu does not do anything.

    Thank you very much for your help. I assume this is really trivial, but I already spent some hours on it !!


    • Strykaas

      Strykaas - 2008-03-21

      Hi !
      It's easy. You just have to expand the frame your button is located in. You do that by activating the corresponding option in the properties panel. Make sure you select the frame first (e.g. through the widget tree), and then activate this option. You can select either vertical or horizontal expansion, or both.


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