good to know ...

  • norbi_acony

    norbi_acony - 2008-01-28

    ... that this project is going on. :-)

    i'm using vtcl sinse 1.22 and its saving much time for making tools with a gui for our lazy guys.

    whats the difference between 1.61a1 and b1? i use since years the b1 version, but its not in the download section.


    • norbi_acony

      norbi_acony - 2008-01-28

      omg ... i'm getting old. its 1.60b1 i'm using at the moment. gnnnn...

    • Ken Parker

      Ken Parker - 2008-01-28

      Laziness is a virtue in this business! It just needs to be channeled correctly.
      I think it is best to use the CVS version. I am doing my best to get another release out there but I keep getting alot of work at my real job.

      According to the news release on b2 here are the changes:

      This release fixes problems seen with the img package on tck/Tk 8.4.2, hanging vTcl on startup or with broken image links. More simple tutorials have been added, and support for creating and reusing megawidgets enhanced. Easy implementation of modal dialogs can be done with the toplevel alias command.

      Thanks to RJ Nelson for fixing bugs! While saving, a
      temporary project file is now created. This prevents
      corrupted project files when an unexpected error aborts
      saving. Auto indent has been fixed. The toolbar was
      redesigned because of problems caused by resizing itself.


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