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installing a new widget

  • chas binkley

    chas binkley - 2003-08-24

    I just found the tkHTML v2.0 widget in my installation of Active TCL. But I cannot get vtcl setup (vsetup) to recognise it.

    vTCL does not pick up any of the widgets available in the Active TCL installation (does that mean I have a problem there?)
    I put a copy of the tkhtml2.0 folder into the vtcl/lib folder as that is where the vsetup script is looking .. humm, that is not going to do me any good as there is no file matching lib*.tcl

    possible other problems - the widgets that I have in vtcl are: core (i think that is what I see in the list), Bwidget, Incr, TkTable and vTcl Misc

    i seem to be missing blt, tablelist and tix - which is what vtcl reports in the list of the Help/Libraries.. dialog. All of these widget libraries are in the lib dir .. what could be causing some of them to not be loaded?

    as a side issue: why is there lib/bwidget _and_ lib/Widgets/bwidget?  we dont really need the .tcl files in lib/bwidget do we?

    • Christian Gavin

      Christian Gavin - 2003-08-26

      Well, vtcl does not know about all other widgets in the world... it needs to know about additional widgets. For TkHTML to be recognized, an additional lib_... .tcl file needs to be written, similar to lib_table.tcl, lib_blt.tcl etc.

      Also, you need to install BLT (see page on SourceForge), tablelist ( and tix (on SourceForge as well).

      lib/bwidget is the custom distribution of bwidget that ships with vTcl. It is used by Visual Tcl whether you select the BWidget library or not (because vTcl uses bwdiget widgets on its own, for example comboboxes).

      lib/Widgets/bwidget contains necessary information for bwidget widgets to be edited inside vTcl.

      So, both folders are needed.


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