New developments in Visual Tcl

  • Rildo Pragana

    Rildo Pragana - 2010-03-10

    Hi friends Tclers,

    I have made some small improvements to vTcl which should be welcomed.
    1- Added a "Tab Order" command to change the tab order (surprise!) of widgets.
    2- Added a "Copy/Paste attributes" command to copy common widgets attributes, AND also geometry manager options to other widgets, by clicking them to paste.

    Both commands are available in the popup menu (right-button). You should first select any widget and right-click and choose one of them. You may get more information from my homepage at
    Bug reports are welcome.  If someone is yet maintaning this SourceForge project, feel free to grab my release and patch the projects files here. Notice there are changes in several library files, to fix other unrelated but very annoying bugs.

    Comments are also welcome, as well as rants and flames. Direct them to "rildo at".

    best regards,
    Rildo Pragana (a brazilian proud tcl developer)

  • Pedro

    Pedro - 2010-04-04

    thanks -
    Runs ok in windows vista

  • John Hill

    John Hill - 2011-02-13

    I recently installed vtcl-1.6.0_all.deb on my Ubuntu 10.10 computer. This .deb package has always worked great for me while using Tcl/Tk 8.4 that gets installed from the official Debian Apt packages sources. I wanted to explore some of the newer features offered by Tcl/Tk 8.6 so I downloaded and installed Active-Tcl8.6. vTcl would no longer start after I did that. It complained "/var/lib/vtcl-1.6.0$ Error in startup script: version conflict for package "Tk": have 8.6b1.2, need exactly 8.6". I posted my problem here on this forum and SJPEDRO was kind enough to provide me a link to "vtcl-modified-20100310b.tar.bz2". I was a little confused why a patch from nearly a year ago was not rolled into the Debian package that I just downloaded and installed, but I went ahead and copied the patch. There were two issues I had with the patch, that I believe would like to know about:

    1. I had to run 'dos2unix vtcl.tcl' otherwise I would get "$ /usr/bin/vtcl: 3: /var/lib/vtcl-1.6.0/vtcl.tcl: not found".

    2. After copying the patch into my ../vtcl-1.6.0/ directory, the new vtcl.tcl wants execute 'exec tclkit "$0" #$@"'. I do not have tclkit, so I assumed it would be ok to change tclkit to "wish" instead …and it worked.

    After making those two corrections, it works great! Although, I'm not sure that all users of vTcl will know to make those changes and may give up on using vTcl prematurely. Thank you for vTcl, it is the best Tk development tool that I am able to find.


  • Rildo Pragana

    Rildo Pragana - 2012-01-04

    Yet another new command in vTcl: "align widget in parent". I have added another small improvemente which may be useful for some projects. Please, grab my vtcl starkit in


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