How many are using vTCL

  • MCrawford_TCL

    MCrawford_TCL - 2007-07-25

    Hi, Just discovered Visual TCL (yesterday!! and installed it on my ubuntu machine); I've been programming TCL for many years and just stumbled upon vTCL. I would like to know how many others are using it, so please chime in with maybe a blurb about the operating system you are currently running it on.

    • Strykaas

      Strykaas - 2007-11-01


      I am a Vtcl user for about a year now. I am running it on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.04.
      This tool is *very* promising, although plagued by some minor bugs here and there.
      Unfortunately, project activity and support is poor these days, and these bugs remain.

    • Ken Parker

      Ken Parker - 2007-11-10

      I am working through all the bugs I can. If you see some that are not in the tracker let me know.

    • seddah

      seddah - 2008-04-06

      this thread is a bit old but I'd like just to let you know that I've been using vtcl since june 98 to make a frontend for a unix nlp tool.
      Everytime I have to make a rapid prototype for something which have to be used by non programmer, i use vtcl.

      It's such a pity it can't generate java code or perl-tk colde ;(

      long lives vtcl :)


    • Alan Robson

      Alan Robson - 2009-02-25

      Apparently a LOT of people do use vTcl... but you wouldn't know it based on how many people have posted in this section.

      vTcl is awesome!!

      I just wish there was more documentation.

      What would be nice is something that clearly explains what the various vTcl code does.

    • Alexey Chupahin

      Alexey Chupahin - 2009-06-11

      I'm using it under OpenVMS
      VTCL is not working correctly with 8.5.x branch

    • Alexey Chupahin

      Alexey Chupahin - 2009-06-15

      I'm using it under OpenVMS
      VTCL is not working correctly with 8.5.x branch

    • Albert Vest

      Albert Vest - 2009-09-03

      > TCL is not working correctly with 8.5.x branch

      I just experienced that under FreeBSD myself (next to OpenVMS, the second greatest OS on the planet ;-)).  The cure is to edit lib/tkcon.tcl to remove the "-exact" requirement for $tcl_version.

      • Roman Tönshoff

        Roman Tönshoff - 2009-09-05

        This does not work. i now have the error:
        bad variable name "vTcl(w,opt,-background)": upvar won't create a scalar variable that looks like an array element
        when i start with a Toplevel-Window.

  • John Hill

    John Hill - 2011-02-12

    …been using vtcl since 1998. keep maintaining and make an effort to include vtcl in the mainstream debian and ubuntu apt packages. VTcl is a worthy applicaion.


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