#450 Obs Source: Remember last AID group selected and order stars

David Benn

In May 2014 CHOICE VStar course, Mark Blackford said:

"...while working through the Preferences exercise it occurred to me that it would be useful if we could choose in the Preferences/Star Groups tab which Star Group was displayed by default when loading a New Star From AAVSO Database.

It looks like they are currently displayed in alphabetical order,but I'd like to set any one of my groups to be the default."

My reply:

"Another approach would be to have VStar remember the last group selected in the New Star from AAVSO Database dialog, since your usage may change over time."

Mark's reply:

"your suggestion of the last opened Star Group would work very well.

On a related issue, the stars in a group are listed in alphabetical order by first letter so stars in the same constellation can be widely separated in the list depending on the leading letters/numbers. It would be useful (but not necessary) if they were listed alphabetically by constellation."

And finally, from me:

"Interesting idea Mark. Perhaps in Preferences there could be "order by constellation?" and "order alphabetically?" radio buttons. Since VSX provides constellation information (even for PNV type designations), this is certainly possible."


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