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#245 DC DFT: Current limit of 4 decimal digits of frequencies


Current limit of 4 decimal digits of DC DFT frequencies is much to low:
If one looks at the real long periodic var stars like e.g. alf Ori,
eps Aur, ... the longest detected periods are in the range of 10000d.
The outburst cycle of RNe can and is often even a multiple of this
So the number of significant digits in the DFT frequency output of
0.0001 1/d = 1/10000d is much too less and one cann't use the DFT
for such long periods as the effective period sequence with this
resolution is just:
indefinite=1/0.0000, 10000d=1/0.0001, 5000d=1/0.0002, 3333d=1/0.0003,
2500d=1/0.0004, ... . Smaller frequencies than 0.0001 1/d are always
rounded to 0.0000 1/d, no matter how long they actually are. As the
DFT plot are also just plotted to 0.0001d resolution, they cann't il-
lustrate such long periods at all.


  • WR

    WR - 2010-12-29
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  • WR

    WR - 2010-12-29

    To get an accuratly rounded resolution to 1d at a period of 10000d,
    one must give at least 8.5 decial digits (1/10000 - 1/10000.5 ~=
    0.000000005)! If one wants to get a rounded period to better than 1d,
    one needs even more decimal digits. E.g. for eps Aur the period can
    be calculated and rounded to two significant decimal digits which will
    require a frequency output of 11 significant digits. As the period is
    given to 4 decimal digits in the DFT output, the frequency would re-
    quire 13 decimal digits.

  • David Benn

    David Benn - 2011-02-12

    See the new Numeric Precision in version 2.11 (to be released to Citizen Sky in the next few days) preferences which allow you to change the display precision for time, magnitude, and other values.

  • David Benn

    David Benn - 2011-02-12
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Sara Beck

    Sara Beck - 2011-02-16
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed
  • Sara Beck

    Sara Beck - 2011-02-16

    The Numeric Precision preference option is neat!


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