Vroom 2.1.0 is just release with new features

Improvements have been made to the framework to provide all in one solution. Now you can also bind file input tag with server side property. Vroom will automatically populate forms with following tag:

<webpage uri="/submit-song.jsp">
<form id="songSubmitForm" method="submitSong" bean-class="com.myco.bean.SongManagerBean" var="smb" scope="request">
<navigation outcome="success" url="/songs-list.jsp"/>
<navigation outcome="default" url="/submit-song.jsp"/>
<element id="txtTitle" property="title"/>
<element id="txtDesc" property="description"/>
<element id="filSong" property="songFile"/>
<element id="txtReleaseDate" property="reldate" format="MM/dd/yyyy"/>

Posted by Farrukh Ijaz 2008-06-27