view3dscene 3.8.0: 3D sound, skinned H-Anim

view3dscene is a VRML / X3D browser and a viewer for many other 3D formats.

This release adds support for 3D sound inside VRML/X3D worlds. The WAV and OggVorbis sound file formats are supported, and sound is played throught the OpenAL library. Implementation details are documented on

Animating skinned H-Anim humanoids is also implemented. Implementation details are on

Other new features:

  • MultiGeneratedTextureCoordinate node introduced, to better define the Box/Cone/Cylinder/Sphere.texCoord.
  • Texture coord generation dependent on bounding box (TextureCoordinateGenerator.mode = BOUNDS*) possible. This also allowed fixing shadow maps implementation for the case when shape has a texture but no explicit texture coordinate node.
  • Fixed Collada->VRML conversion.
  • Zoom improved, to prevent going too far away from object by zoom-in.
  • Fixed view3dscene --screenshot modal box on invalid filename.
  • When local geometry (like coordinates) is often changed, shape changes into "dynamic" state: it's octree will be very simple, so we will not waste time on rebuilding it.
  • Make a nice warning when more than one value specified for SFNode field value in X3D encoding.
  • Fixes for rendering Walk/Fly tooltips in view3dscene on some GPUs.
  • Engine reference for developers improved a lot.

Also castle 0.9.0 is released. This doesn't bring any new user-visible features, however internally a lot of stuff was simplified and ported to our engine 2.x version.

Posted by Michalis Kamburelis 2011-01-06

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