view3dscene 3.7.0: Screen effects, and more

view3dscene is a VRML / X3D browser and a viewer for many other 3D formats.

New in 3.7.0 release:

  • You can activate many screen-space effects: flashlight, depth visualization, brightness increase, edge detection and much more. And you can create your own effects using the GLSL.

  • New nodes implemented: drag sensors (PlaneSensor, SphereSensor, CylinderSensor), ClipPlane, ColorRGBA, Billboard, ViewpointGroup, Toggler.

  • Major improvements and fixes to existing nodes: Transform (and similar nodes from H-Anim) animation is greatly optimized. Also changing Transform node containing light sources works fast now. Many TimeSensor, RenderedTexture, OrthoViewpoint improvements.

  • Camera improvements: Examine camera now honors Viewpoint nodes. Switching navigation mode preserves camera view. Smooth transitions (following NavigationInfo.transitionType, NavigationInfo.transitionTime fields) are done. headBobbingDistance is renamed into much more suitable headBobbingTime and expressed in seconds. Mouse wheel is supported for zooming in Examine mode.

  • User interface improvements: nice toolbar at the top of the window, with most important buttons. Navigation mode buttons have tooltips (hover mouse over them to see) describing camera controls. Nice "%s warnings" button.

  • Primitives (Box, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere) have the texCoord field and work with shadow maps, multi-texturing, bump mapping etc.

  • New functions for KambiScript to handle rotations.

Posted by Michalis Kamburelis 2010-11-19

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